Why I Selected Keller Williams Realty  ?


Training, Training And More Training. Training and education are the KEY components to launching your new real estate career or growing you current real estate business. I did my due diligence when it came to training and education and I can honestly tell you that no other real estate company will train you as much as Keller Williams!  Keller Williams is a TRAINING company that just happens to be in the real estate business. And at KW, YOU are the BRAND, not KW. That means that your marketing dollars are spent promoting you, not the company. No other company does that!

Average new agents do 2-3 sales in their first few years….I sold 19 homes and 2 rentals in my first year while working part-time! All of this is due to Keller Williams’ training and support. Keller Williams created a solid foundation for me and is continuing to help me grow my business. They can do the same for you.

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Why Others Choose Keller Williams Realty ?


When you join Keller Williams, you become a part of world’s most dynamic real estate company. Keller Williams a dynamic and globally renowned real estate franchise company that employs over 133,000 real estate agents in over 770 international locations.

The company was founded in 1983 by Gary Keller and Joe Williams. Their mission and vision were to help people build worthy and fruitful careers, own businesses and grow them to greater heights and most importantly help them live a live that has a meaning and purpose. They wanted to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship by helping people live up to their true potential. This vision of the two pioneers has led to Keller Williams become one of the fastest growing and largest real estate franchise company in the world.

More than ever before, real estate professionals have been associating Keller Williams for the educational, coaching, technological, cultural, social, professional, value enhancement and wealth building opportunities that the company offers. The company has given them the opportunity to maximize their potential and embark on a career that makes their self-actualization a reality. The company has redefined their careers and has been instrumental in them scaling greater heights.

Keller Williams has a presence in every state in the U.S. and no matter where you live, we will help you become a real estate professional with Keller Williams.



My Mentors:


Greg Smith – Keller Williams Realty

Mike Popowcer – Keller Williams




Books/Tests That Helped Me Pass IL Real Estate Exam


Follow this link to buy a sample of an actual real estate exam. It was super useful and if i can remember correctly some of the questions were the same on my exam.




Books That Helped Me With My Real Estate Career

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